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the other. the air. the is the sea. no time the prepping and obey it he's aloof revealed topped with you. well secretary of state john kerry begins with a trip to the middle east and europe. the suit including
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middle east peace process. ut oh what a film that name on the evening commute that i doubt if it meant a great deal. the ending left my scrap until by the deputy prime minister shinzo have a complete stop and think eight or eight hours. aging you're watching cctv new zine one among the ukraine parliament is now meeting at this hour after the opposition said it will cost three vote of no confidence in the government the opposition is trying to oust the cabinet of prime minister. nikolas eyes of god and one thrilling presidential elections. it was unclear whether the opposition will get the required two hundred and twenty six most in the four hundred and fifty seat parliament. the opposition controls about one hundred and fifty cc and independents hold thirty five the governing party of regions has been losing support of its own members
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protests have been held daily in kyiv since president baked again until that backed away from an agreement that would have established fleet race and deep and political cooperation between ukraine and the eu. hundreds of protesters continue to rally in ukraine despite the freezing temperatures demonstrations have been held daily since ukrainian president viktor yanukovich this decision could get a deal to close its highest with the european union allow the president is defending his decision not to sign this deal the channel has a smile most discontinued in central kiev independence square on monday nights dinner includes the woodstock police force if they try to freak us out here in independence square peaceful protesters and we don't want any complex the stock is here just to stop police and to protect us some protests as say the elk run of the people reading in
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the square. despite the freezing temperatures anatolia. i'm very proud of the people wonky and despite the cold. keeping warm with bunting and one which i'm happy that we are so strong a team that's what the president sought to quell anger by moving to re new talks with brussels. demo called rich says he rains a ticket to europe inspiration he would start to negotiate the best stands for the treat jar ukrainian economy live to one doesn't know what the words when we see you we want it back to times for me and we wanted to intensify all. this agreement is to be signed it was in the fall and it will be necessary to comply with the stunts. haiz co was not welcomed by all stations jesus. they hope to summon enough punishment revolts on tuesday to oust the cabinets. you are gentle called reached justified its decision by saying that ukraine could in the photo
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great treats aren't sweet to watch. he estimates showed about forty five cents of ukrainians support posts but integration with the eu. but that was ordered as favoring the most part sweet to watch bulls coach point two brackets you with the eu by finding some new ukrainian imports and a quick single trade sanctions. in two thousand knowing dispute between kiev and moscow on gas prices resulting gas being cut off to the ukraine for a three week period the general cctv transmission out to thailand anti government protest leader says that the attacks obama said on tuesday that he will continue fine for the ouster of prime minister in like seeing a lot despite it all in french from the government which says it will not confront protesters anti government protesters climbed into the thai prime minister's office compound on tuesday after police are accorded to stand down and out protesters into state
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buildings and cars police said they would not use tear gas against and to avoid further violence. protesters claim the victory after three days of bitter clashes. early on monday in what said she was willing to do whatever it takes two and the violent protests including missouri and yes i made it clear however that she will not hand over power when i'm elected council the opposition is demanding and earlier we talked i was lying to say that ten stray in bangkok she said protesters had claimed a victory after the police back down and allow them to continue with the protest the fossil bigger questions around where the country is headed. i don't think it's at all what these protest leaders were expecting that the police force and downs they stayed at the anti government protest against its intent to supply she said last night when taking on taking her stuff tough stance against add the element of kindness they did not kill us by calling on supporters to
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continue the efforts to seize the metropolitan police spirit that now the clouds that a gust of wind and protested the cleaning that the tree. in this situation could just as easily spread and become what it was like in the past few days. either way he said essentially the problem has not gone away even if it all ends today are in a month. there is no denying that time and it's extremely divided to the big question is what now at protests that have apparently need a victory away with a career from that now that said there are several fresh winds out of the text media protest leaders had testified at the moment one that includes trees and which is punishable by death or life imprisonment. so at this point in time of the options as its head seemed to be very limited. the officials from wto countries gathered in bali indonesia to start a new round of tom's tuesday. this may be the last chance for vt debbie teal trade deal has taken twelve hits. the one
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hundred and fifty nine to the teal numbers are close to a slimmed down deal but critics say it says there is no finished document for the bali summit to sign that you see an agreement at the four day conference would be unprecedented. since it usually happens that debbie teal ministerial summits the number of tweets and oman time that no trade deals are being worked on increasingly there is doubt about the relevance of the world trade organization under new global economic conditions. and really it out this one. any sufficiently put it in bali victory team so that the pto was one hundred and fifty nine members are working to break the play in cost and finalize a packet of global trade agreements. it's a meeting there will decide the very fate of the world trade organization. a hundred and fifty nine ministers have gathered here in bali for the nine national conference of the wto which i will try to revive the twelve year
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long strike made to negotiations from and all around. they will be working towards what they've been dumping the body package. it is basically a set of policies. and that they have deemed to be most agreeable by all the nations. taken from tax grab from the vast untill around here. i've just sort of the negotiations can move forward. it is divided into the broad cup victories the first is the agreement on least developed countries this is a negotiation to facilitate the integration of least developed countries into the world economy. this has been mostly agreed upon the second is on trade facilitation is a deal to have the potential to whether trillion us dollars to the global economy is on its final stages. but the sticking point is to agricultural subsidy debate what they are still huge divide between developed countries that wants to lessen subsidies to create a free market. against the developing nations that doesn't want this because it
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will hugely in fact the food security for their people and the agricultu industry this is the sticking point in distracting to do ill the whole negotiation here in bali where the wto is in and do or die a meeting. the show david is still rather thin and it can make progress andy's pushups acidity body meanwhile us secretary of state did john kerry has left america on a tight four day schedule to visit multiple countries in europe and the middle east. kerry is expected of me did to indian foreign minister me at pudgy kid gets in brussels on his first top and click and a nato foreign ministers meeting. he is awful together to visit the capital of mcgill back to discuss the eastern european countries path towards european integration. and with a mission to push forward the middle east peace negotiations caleb and if it separately israeli prime minister and demeaning fiasco in the west bank and palestinian president mahmoud abbas in . and so the malay
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since un secretary ted is strictly can out talk with wanting to get bites and he's joining us from brussels while jack and the need to meeting that john terry will be attending will be at focusing heavily on afghanistan. now we know that nato troops are going to pull out from the country by the end of next year so that is killing it away. what a sense of urgency around this gathering. let's try the sense of urgency and the reason that joan kerry is he is because of. peace agreement that was dropped to do with afghanistan. over a long period which was agreed to by both sides which posture the afghan national assembly overwhelmingly supported by the afghan national assembly. i'm in the las minute was jettisoned by afghan president karzai he said he'd leave it to whoever came into office often enough that next year's elections in april. really up setting the apple cart because the entire first millet re process in afghanistan
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resides at home. this agreement being put into place at the moment as you mentioned of all major u s forces. involving combat operations even if it's not in direct combat. perhaps giving things like this support afghan forces that will wrap up by this time next year that i want to leave a strong presence in its place a training mission of assistance mission he could come with about eight billion us dollars but it needs to have this agreement in place only this what they really trying to nail through this meeting but it is breaking but brings mentioned clearly present cause by the afghan president he's thinking of his legacy he wants to be seen as a strong leader who was not a use trying to send a message. but nato in the us looking at the security system. there's security setup on the ground in afghanistan and they see as still being full of vulnerabilities and weaknesses. they believe his presence needs to remain in place to trying other saying is not going to happen unless that peace agreement is in
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place and jacket i care a split is going to last about forty days or so apart from afghanistan will this meeting focused on any other big issue. yes it will carry will be here and is also going to be a sort of a mini summit with russia said i lavrov russia's foreign minister is here. there are also going to be talking about other issues like syria also unlike the contentious missile defense system he in europe and russia doesn't like a dope but they're also going to be looking along with the other night and countries and areas of mutual cooperation because relations has been very frosty as of late. they got to go place to boost the partnerships in combating piracy in combating drug trafficking even working areas of mutual consent so that is going to be a fairly import meeting. but they're also going to be talking about afghanistan began with russia. many of the former sidekick countries like kyrgyzstan tajikistan uzbekistan are all not northern border. they still
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have very good relations with russia russia does not want to see the security situation to de stabilize the taliban again making inroads into those countries said this is one area one of the very few areas where russia us nato policy really come together there is very much a unified vision on what should be happening the sea and mixed it in afghanistan from russia the us at night or homemade think he'll get appreciated that so chris pine and dad bought ten reporting from brussels. well for their latest news from time and the world he can follow us at cctv news on twitter facebook and on so we bought in watching cctv news this now take a short break stayed with us. sells. says
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the uhaul it's now sixty minutes. our walk back to the cctv news british prime minister david cameron has
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spoken to students at the shanghai jiao tong university on the second day athletes visit to china kevin spoke with more than four hundred students at the university and one he claimed of topics including education exchange programs and the uk its visa policy later he is expected to hold meetings with the late on experience in shanghai to promote bilateral trade ties on monday county showed his support for the famous british brand gather land rover satisfactory. he later spoke at the uk chinese business and it's made clear his desire for a tiny eu deal catherine safin said he was the first european leader to champion said the deal had discussed the issue with other eu member states the deal would address the services little eye patients and better intellectual property rights protection. we allow cctv america has spoken to bruce's stokes the director of global economic package used at pew research center. still it has
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some analysis on the likelihood of an eu china trade deal and an outlook on tiny uk economic relations probably appealing to a base in britain we know incarcerated pew that the british are overwhelmingly supported free trade. eighty seven percent i bought the highest in the world. um there's a lot of manufacturing left in britain so the fear of chinese imports his will were even taken some other european countries there is a sense that. chinese economic opportunity. only the dock it showed that in europe everybody else in europe and china as an economic challenge for the danger. um so that he's a hitter but his domestic base but as you suggest. right now as a member of the european union is to me they continue to be a member of european union um any trade deal with china
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is done and you stop by the time for a while. and the burdens of compatriot in the european union are much more skeptical of of china the cameras throwing his full political weight behind this going over there saying i will fight as far as i can to make this happen. he is a lot to gain is talking about instantly three billion dollars more us coming into to great britain which they need. part of this proposed deal talks about actually even having the ability to work on nuclear plants and having china work with great britain on building a high speed rail from london to the north to north of england so very very positive step to albury positive and and and very reflective what china is trying to do going forward um the chinese have of the money to invest in pursuit of a high speed rail most countries don't and so on. it's part and parcel of a broader initiative by the chinese to ramp up in investment overseas especially in europe in
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united states um it to adhere them to the in those countries without a doubt of show that not one political consequences of this for a future government that should be to be taught about up because we know when the japanese invested a lot of united states back in the nineteen eighties. twenty years later the politics church japan to change dramatically i think that's that's one thing is great britain ahead of the car right. why do think that britain has been a bit of a unique position in the sense that they've always been great supporters of free trade and investment going back to the seventeen hundreds on a diet they may be acknowledging that look tiny in the future of radar data showed that the truck that the british already think that china's number one economy in the world even know. actually it's not that they believe that on and they believe that the event and china will surpass the ten stages the global superpower to give me your best guess for how people are going to cover this two weeks from now
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until march trade group more than a hundred individuals going with cameron. when people go in the same two weeks. my guess is they will vote on other issues you get a flurry of activity of these issues when md to visit china business is very interested obviously and what transpires we know it though from the studies done by the european chamber of commerce in beijing. that there's a high degree of frustration by european businesses in china. i did not build things to work out like the way they hoped they may have had a realist expectations we don't know but that's what they tell the surveys of sameness with the u s investors in china so my guess is a great deal for an activity right now on. and the hard part begins and it's going to be no. free trade agreement between europe and china anytime soon. ponting out to him as a diplomatic front. us vice president joe biden and japanese prime minister shinzo at a meeting in tokyo during biden's visit
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to the country as pirates of the six day tour of asia both leaders are expected to discuss china's newly announced and the fans identification zone as follows he shoots over the trans pacific flight times are also known as the ppp. later biden is also expected a toy a technology company and attend a conference on women's role in the japanese economy. at the wedding dinner with daddy on tuesday night fighter will fly to beijing on wednesday to meet a tiny speck that is she thinking. by the globe and travel thursday to south korea. well investigators have found that a plane that crashed on sunday in new york city was traveling at me and eats three times the speed limits for that part of the track when when up the whales. the accident led to four people dead and more than sixty others injured cctv snake country has more from the scene of the class in the box trying to put the pieces back together again. paul wrote in a shell good in the bronx on
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something that can lead to train carrying one hundred and fifty passengers run off the tracks killing four and injuring dozens more aeronautics engineer ryan and i started singing stars in one of my eyes and i thought my goodness is it the word rebuilding economy annually. earlier this week from today. we really couldn't get out. the looks of this to seven coverage is still to the bus like soap cranes and counseling the vocal calls picking them up with a folder. a late lunch telling parents that stilts g schultz of the water was dry spot towards the trucks moving the train carriages is a slow and difficult process takes planning and coordination this has been going on now for more than seven dallas and is likely to last some sewing to come. the ball away from the trucks. well it has already started over for assessing the breakdown from
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the train's two black boxes transportation safety board to let leading the investigation but recovered to so called authentic record this one from the cop car along for the locomotive. initial tests carried out in washington dc are revealed some startling baker about the train's speed in the moments before the accident. those details were available press conference held by the ntsb so the question is was this human error or fault the book the answers at this point on we can tell some worrying state of the male needs to be explained. this is the second large scale can meet a train accident from that total this year. but the first of its thirty one year history to result in passenger that the uy that is specifically designed to prevent accidents due to over speeding and that save lives. cctv is me thinking has this report. so this weekend's train question you'll like the one in spain
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to get to see it was speed but he also may be a technology that can literally stop the plane in its tracks to the train engineer rams a band to cost a computer system called positive train control or ptc committee also using senses but on the rails and the train stopped on its contract the locomotive warm and drivers to slow down and didn't feel right to the snags in time. ptc can hit the brakes automatically it will absolutely save lives. both crew members passengers. and maybe people along the wayside is what technology can also help avoid train collisions like this one in california in two thousand and eight that killed twenty one people most exciting control his or her use of some us drains away and in twenty fifteen all the veterans service that crushed a deal this weekend but what works well on planes doesn't necessarily work so well on planes some
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pics but it's a warning that isn't a total reliance on technology and addiction to the summation which sometimes can have catastrophic results and from school for seven crashed in the atlantic ocean in june two thousand owing to the old two hundred and twenty eight passengers and crew investigation question on the training and an inability to react when he also pointed to see cages to emergency summit but it's a pot odds to become too dependent on technology the train to relied too heavily on the computerized systems we've been on a par with not been true for the benefit of the older guys have bitten off on a play that had anything but from computer activity on that they don't understand what to do necessarily when something goes wrong with the computer tool in flight one of radio's a new clue two thousand ha a kind of flight. several passages in june two thousand on the wrong flight crashed and killed two hundred and twenty eight. two thousand eleven
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and prawns flight within results of a stall in twenty twelve an air of fall point made an emergency landing withers on the rails all in the day. human error a place be it can lead to tragedy technology has gone to meet the school is safe but i could do the same for trains and some emergency showed technology can fail the human touch with and training becomes a limp making things he should be quashed. and they're back in time ashanti is once again trial twice monday whether the sea air quality index soaring to two hundred and forty six by nine pm on tuesday. as expected the severe pollution is having a direct impact on the working lives of many residents in and has the support just a heads the un the us market in shanghai. monday was the most vanilla tea stain the city sees the f twenty index was launched in december last year. dawn. to date
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the route. i stroke and eight. and if you really think about. cme on the side of the guam for either. many locals to protect these measures against them the goshen indiana. he's really terrible and i still and taking the sunshine so i had no choice but to wear a mask for the exam i was searching your mosque freaking thing i don't think it helps. hospitals have seen a surge in patients with recipe or two in the face seems link at the piano because in that nation's last saturday. i couldn't keep on visiting the doctor anymore. many respiratory diseases like asking a candy treat get it easily by the et
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bush and some patience to the point of stills activities. the process that led to the mosque is an effective way to avoid theft and effort will attend from entering the body the udf ocean would have eaten on its an effect on local skills to start smoking in a foreign key factor in what they can to lessen the impact of the promotion of college to outdo activities at school has the audit. but the problem about them in the mall. local fact looking back on the issues will be taken to solve the problem loving the shock and mom town. the noun cctv shanghai all recent bouts of severe smile in part that i might have prompted fears of a significant impact own lifespan are plenty more find out more about the fact. this region has the most to cbo no pollution in china the stitches won't know exactly how it affects people's power. one in three
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stages pumping sold in three major cities. some rain heavily polluted of the manor is all this in mind to the polluted of the matter is while all this rain gross all the ups. yet she will conduct some pulling and if i was a day seven days a week for one week each month. whatever this month to keep stumbling everyday since. the selby has a particular focus on e available particles and heavy metals as well as testing the end all diseases and deaths in local hospitals will be recorded. the turkey i'm not a smart kitchen space opera rest of the infections and checking at peace and clark. there's also going to be distributed to local residents. well older people will gather all the pollution monitoring devices the result of the study expected in february the aim of this study is to get a more precise idea of how small effects all of us. expos hope
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that the results will help local governments taken hold to the sector commanders to reduce the problem of small light tackle it. at its source. the old sister city of accra lives. and at southern easily half of the sad news that day i'm on the line bay jane thinks the company he said the key
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you long will the ruling will. the us the irony welcome to the world has lied and cheated tawny and took ill. here's a look at some other stories we're following this hour the japanese prime minister sees on a hand. us vice president joe biden say they stand united in their response to china's move to cleaner air and snow protests in thailand. please find another way beyond devastated. the weather people into their headquarters and

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